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A 9 week online program for HEAling self-sabotage

Self-sabotage isn't a character flaw or personal defect. It's often a symptom of developmental trauma. What many people don't realize is that developmental trauma isn't limited to abuse, neglect, and near-death experiences. It includes a much broader range of experiences in early childhood. Some are so common they're brushed off as normal, or even expected. The good news is, when we effectively address the trauma, our self-sabotage behaviors start to change organically.

This program is a deep dive inward. We unearth the ways you changed yourself to accommodate your traumas. In this process we create space to unlearn the old patterns and beliefs that don't work for you anymore, and bloom into the person you've always known you could be.


Types of self-sabotage Bloom addresses

+People pleasing


+Difficulty setting boundaries


+Fear of commitment 

+Beating yourself up/being hard on            yourself

+Fear of success

+Not asking for help

+Unhealthy relationship patterns

+Self abandonment


+Under or over eating when stressed

+Choosing instant gratification over          long-term happiness

+Negative self-talk

+Rebelling against your own internal          goals or agendas, and more...

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"I am blown away by this program. You left nothing undone or too light. You led us to the depths necessary for significant transformation and self compassion. This program provided the nurturing and validation we never received before, but so desperately needed. You taught us how to care for ourselves and acknowledge our inner children with unconditional love. To meet them, embrace them without shame or condemnation. To heal. I am forever grateful." - Gemma L.*

* Results may vary. 

"Bloom was a revelation for me. The principles and concepts in the course provided a roadmap to a new level of self-understanding, to compassion for myself and others. The weekly exercises and coursework were not only fun, but accessible. No amount introspection or "self-help" is a replacement for the power of being a part of a group like this. Iris is a tremendous teacher, and I learned even more from my fellow participants by sharing our experiences. I could not recommend Bloom more to anyone considering it." - Lemarcus T.*

What you get

+ 9 weekly video modules 

+Daily assignments to help you integrate the video content into your life

+9 group coaching sessions via Zoom video on Sundays (Please note that calls begin the 2nd Sunday of the program. The first Sunday you'll watch the first video module)

+Private coaching session(s) via Zoom video

+Private app (iPhone & Android) where all materials are delivered

+Mentors who have already completed Bloom to support you through the course

+Group support & social accountability

+Exclusive access to programs for Bloom Graduates (available after completion of the program)

If you're unsure if Bloom is for you, but you're curious to learn more, watch this free masterclass. It covers the basic principles behind Bloom, and gives you a taste of the kind of work we do in the program.

Please note the Bloom dates and prices mentioned in the video have changed. The next Bloom dates will be announced in late 2023.


More client Feedback

In the video below I ask Bloom graduates questions like: how was this program different than you expected? What is something you didn't overcome in Bloom? Was it worth the investment?

Why highlight what someone didn't overcome in this program? It's important to be real with you.  There are no "quick fixes" for self-sabotage, but this program will help you access tools you can continue to use for years to come.

I received so much more than I ever could have expected from this program. Iris has a unique gift for creating and holding safe space, for gently encouraging you through the discomfort, and for identifying and detecting hidden wisdom that wants to reveal itself. If you're ready to release the shame and the self-defeating behaviors, then I hope you'll consider working with Iris and the Bloom Coaching Program. It was able to do for

me what 30 years of traditional therapy could not. - Kristin H. *

* Results may vary.



Bloom is for you if you struggle with self-sabotage, want to get our of your own way, and desire more freedom to be yourself. We've had participants of every gender, ages 20-68, from many different walks of life, and from a diverse range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We're committed to making Bloom a safe space for all. The people who benefit most from Bloom are those who've had some success in therapy and/or coaching, but still have some stubborn patterns they'd like to shift. Bloom can often be the missing puzzle piece in these cases.

It is important to note that Bloom is an educational coaching program, not group therapy. Because we discuss early childhood trauma it will likely stir some things up for you. If you've never done any kind of personal growth work before, have active thoughts of self-harm, are in an abusive relationship, or are currently in crisis, Bloom will not be the right level of support for you at this time. Please consult with a therapist if you are experiencing significant challenges. If you are currently seeing a therapist, then Bloom may be a helpful supplement to your therapeutic work. Please discuss it with your therapist first before registering.   


So far we've had participants in 6 different countries around the world including Guatemala, the UK, Saudi Arabia, and Germany. Due to the significant time difference, the program may be difficult for those in Asia or Australia, so please contact us before registering if you have concerns about this.   

If you're still unsure if Bloom is the right fit for your needs, email Iris at

to schedule a free 20-minute consultation. 

    The more time and energy you put into it, the better this program will work. The videos and assignments take on average 30 minutes per day. If you have more time to spend on them, great! These patterns are very stubborn, and it will take dedication from you to shake them up. What I can assure you is that the work will be worth it!
    Nope! All you need to participate is a computer and/or a smart phone!
    If you feel like you would benefit from additional support after the progam you have a two options: 1. You can participate in my 7-week group coaching program Bloom 2. You can get private coaching from me
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