March 1 - April 19, 2020

a 7 week online program to end self-sabotage

What most people don't realize is that self-sabotage isn't a character flaw or personal defect. It's symptom of developmental trauma. What might be even more surprising is that everyone experiences some degree of developmental trauma in childhood.​

Trauma isn't limited to abuse, neglect, and near-death experiences. Trauma also includes much more subtle, complex experiences in childhood. Some are so common they're brushed off as normal, or even expected. The good news is, when we heal the trauma, the self-sabotage resolves itself. 

This program is a deep dive inward. We unearth the ways you changed yourself to accommodate your traumas. In this process we create space to unlearn the old patterns and beliefs that don't work for you anymore, and bloom into the person you've always known you could be.


This free masterclass covers the basic principles behind Bloom, and gives you a great sense of the kind of work we do in the program. 

Please note the Bloom dates mentioned in the video have changed! Bloom begins March 1 and ends April 19th. 


"I am blown away by this program. You left nothing undone or too light. You led us to the depths necessary for significant transformation and self compassion. This program provided the nurturing and validation we never received before, but so desperately needed. You taught us how to care for ourselves and acknowledge our inner children with unconditional love. To meet them, embrace them without shame or condemnation. To heal. I am forever grateful." - Gemma L.*

" The awareness I gained created lasting shifts to where I can notice and choose something different in the moment. Some self-sabotage behaviors completely dropped all together with no chance of being able to return." - Adam F. *

* Results may vary. Names changed to protect participant privacy. 

Types of self-sabotage Bloom addresses

+People pleasing


+Not setting boundaries



+Beating yourself up/being hard on            yourself

+Fear of success

+Not asking for help

+Unhealthy relationship patterns


+Under or over eating when stressed

+Choosing instant gratification over          long-term happiness

+Negative self-talk

+Rebelling against your own internal          goals or agendas

    and more...

What you get

+7 weekly video modules 

+Daily assignments to help you integrate the video content into your life

+4 group coaching sessions via Zoom video at 9-10AM PST/12-1PM EST on

            -March 8th

                 -March 22nd 

                 -April 5th 

                 -April 19th 

+Optional private coaching sessions via Zoom video (either 2 or 7 sessions)

+Free private app (iPhone & Android) where all materials are delivered

+Mentors who have already completed Bloom to support you through the course

+Group support & social accountability 

+Weekly Live Q+A Video in private Facebook Group (keep access for as long as the program exists!) 

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