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In our fast-paced modern world most of us are chronically stressed. Most of us have also experienced some type of trauma. No matter how strong we are, the effects of these can have an impact on our ability to fully experience joy and connection.


Now for the good news: there are simple, practical techniques we can use to bring ourselves back into balance. These tools will help you discover an expanded ability for happiness and aliveness!


This is a 90-minute digital masterclass designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the way trauma and prolonged stress impact our nervous systems. It will transform the way you relate to trauma, and give you greater levels of self-compassion and self-awareness. It includes lecture-style information, interactive exercises and time for Q & A. 


In the first 70 minutes we will explore:

  • The impact of trauma & stress on the nervous system
  • How to know when your nervous system is out of balance & how to rebalance it
  • Tools for cultivating resilience to stress and trauma
  • Practical exercises for self-regulation you can use for the rest of your life!  


The last 20 minutes will be reserved for answering questions and for live coaching. 


This program is ideal for both personal development and for healers and mental health service providers wanting to bring a trauma informed approach to their practice.


All participants will get a recording of the session in case you can't make it, or want to watch it over again. You will also receive a guided meditation you can use everyday to support your self-care practice!

Healing Trauma: Understanding Trauma, Stress & The Nervous System

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