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Healing is a trial and error process, and I’ve tried a LOT of things.  Here’s a list of my favorite tools, as well as some online mental health resources.  If you are feeling stuck in your life, or recovery, I encourage you to try any of these.  What’s important is that you don’t give up, and keep exploring until you find what works for you!

It’s worth noting that if you are struggling with an eating disorder, you can find a ton of wisdom and healing in non-ED-specific books/programs. When I was in recovery, I found ED books/programs to be extremely triggering.  They were ultimately more harmful than helpful to me, and I don’t list any here for that reason. That is also why I created my own program!



Healing from Trauma/PTSD:


Food Issues/Eating Disorders (also explore titles from other categories!):


Self-Awareness & Personal Growth:


Spirituality & Healing






Learn More about Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

Psychedelics are still controversial because of bad, outdated science. Thankfully that is changing!  I hope you’ll keep an open mind, and look into these incredible therapies.  Please note that like any medication, they need to be done under the guidance of a trained professional.  There can be dangerous medication interactions and contraindications, so consult a trained practitioner and disclose all medications/medical conditions/over-the-counter pharmaceuticals before trying any of these!


Evidence-Based Practitioner Directories:


Mental Health Resources:

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