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October 17th-20th 2019

Burleson County Texas

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Shameless Sisterhood is an expansive weekend retreat at a

private residence in the Texas countryside.

This experience will help you emerge as the truest, brightest expression of yourself. 

You'll leave layers of hidden shame behind.

You'll form deep, lasting sisterhood with other women.

You'll be seen, heard and held.

You'll leave recharged with a more compassionate view of your body and yourself.

You'll go deep and experience new-found freedom on the other side.

Prepare to be unleashed!

This Experience Includes

  • Powerful Emotional Release Work

  • Deep Sisterhood

  • Guided Movement + Meditation

  • Art Therapy + Expression

  • Transformational Education

  • Shameless Life Creation

  • Practical Life/Coping Tools you can use Forever

  • Personalized Coaching

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Rest + Recharge Time

  • Food + Lodging at a Cozy Private Residence on Over 80 Acres of Land

  • 4 Week Shameless Life Virtual Follow Up Program 

"If you've been strong enough to hold your pain in your body for your entire life, you are also strong enough

to let it go."

- Erin Telford

Creator + Host


​After multiple sexual assaults starting in childhood, I got to know shame very well. It ran my life. I hated my body and I hated myself. I could hardly get out of bed.  When I developed bulimia, it further convinced me something was wrong with me. I tried every therapy under the sun, but nothing worked until I was willing to deal with the root of my shame. Healing that wound, and reclaiming my feelings of worthiness is the best gift I've given myself.


Now I have 7 years of coaching experience, I'm a Certified Trauma Professional, and internationally recognized mental health advocate. I'm on a mission to help other women create a shameless life. It's the greatest privilege I can imagine to help you see yourself in all your glory!

Location + Travel

Shameless Sisterhood will be held in Burleson County, Texas on a 88 acre private property.


It's a 1.5 hour drive from both Houston and Austin International Airports. The nearest town is Lyons, Texas. Full travel details will be sent to you upon registration. 


Guests will arrive between 5-6pm on Thursday October 17th for registration. Dinner will be served at 7pm. The retreat will complete at 1pm on Sunday October 20th. 



Megan is the founder of The Heart Expression, an interactive art experience integrating mindfulness, music, and movement through paint on canvas.  Megan's workshop will be a time to come together, let something go, get messy, get playful, and come alive! 

Megan is deeply intuitive, and a skilled facilitator. She will be providing guided meditation, movement and support throughout the weekend.


What Participants Are Saying

This is a unique, deep and embodied retreat that shines light on what we women hold back and hold inside. I embraced every moment of the weekend with Iris and her co-teachers. Every experience helped me learn more about myself. No matter where you are at in your journey of self discovery and self love, this retreat with Iris is for you. I particularly enjoyed the diversity of offerings brought to this experience. Each of the women in the retreat were so unique and wonderful, I learned from each of them and I have to say this was a true break through for me!”

Gitta Sivander, Professional Co-Active Coach


$850 for the weekend
+ Shameless Life follow up program

Space is very limited! Please note that tickets are non-refundable. Participants are required to arrive no later than 7:30pm on Thursday October 17th and to stay on the property for the duration of the retreat. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions! 

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