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Beyond Recovery Testimonials

(Formerly Freedom From Food Addiction)

Danae C.

Alecia K.

This course [Beyond Recovery] was a shot in the dark. I have been struggling with bulimia for 12 years and I thought it had become something that I had to live with. I wanted to be “free.” From the moment I read the advertisement I knew that the word free described all that I wanted from this course. I am a very cheap person, I had been concerned about spending the money on myself because it is more than I have spent on myself in a very long time. It was worth every penny! I was also nervous about the commitment, but I realized that the only person that was in complete control of my life was me and I needed to finally step up to the plate and put the time in.

I was amazed at how I transformed throughout the course. I don’t worry about my weight anymore, I don’t need to see a number on a scale. I actually have feelings, which have been absent from my body for a very long time. My husband and I have created a stronger relationship from this course, and I have learned more about him and his character. I have learned to not just be, but to fully participate and be present in my life. I have learned to feel taste, see, listen and smell my food every time that I eat so that I know what I actually like and what I don’t like. I thought this was going to be a course that told me what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. I was surprised that it is actually more a course about finding yourself and being able to trust the person that you are. I had no idea that a broken relationship or a conversation that I had when I was younger would be taking away my freedom in my own life. I saw how much I was a slave to my own thoughts and I am so glad that I have been able to release those exhausting feelings and be free of food controlling my life.

There are still times where I lose mindfulness when I am eating and there are times that I don’t. The difference between me before the course and me now is that I don’t eat because I am stressed, I eat because I am hungry, I eat to gain energy, I eat to fill my body with the nutrients it is asking for. My day is not consumed with food, like it used to be. I feel like I can accomplish more than I ever have. A huge thank you to Iris for always being patient and understanding me. I am grateful for your honesty, your motivation and your continued support. I would never be where I am today without you!*

Julie R.

Toni R.

“Here I go again”, I thought. Getting my hopes up and paying for another program to help with my food addiction/weight problem. But man am I glad I did! I’ve never had anything help me like this course has!! Believe me, I’ve tried them all!
I have a long history of binge eating and before I started the course I was so angry and unhappy with myself. My starving after a binge wasnt working anymore. I was completely miserable. I felt I was unworthy of anyone’s love or affection. I hated the way I looked or carried myself. I didn’t dare put on a bathing suit.

Then Iris/Beyond Recovery happened. As I worked through her course I was actually able to start loving myself again. Im able to listen to my body and know other ways of soothing instead of bingeing. I started becoming more social. I can communicate with others so much better, which has greatly enriched my relationships with others. Other people have noticed that I am much happier. I can wear that bathing suit now, or dress up and feel great about myself.

No fad diet or crazy exercise regimen helped my weight stay off. I’d lose some and gain more back. I had to do this first, now I can happily work my way back to a healthy weight, the healthy way. No more
yo-yo dieting. No more thoughts of self harm. I am a different person and I thank Iris for giving my life back to me.  I’m forever grateful.*

Mari M.

I’ve fought with binge eating disorder for 10 years.  I felt so out of control I would eat up to 4,000 calories in one sitting, and feel completely out of control and miserable for days after which caused me to binge over and over again.  Iris helped me take control of my life and helped me figure out what was behind me eating. She helped me love myself and see that my eating disorder was fed by lies I was telling myself about who I am.  She helped me see past that, and that I can be patient with myself.

It’s been over a month since I’ve finished her program, and I have not binged.  I am proud to say that’s the longest it’s been in over 10 years.*

Susan F.

Iris has put together a comprehensive program of insights into both body and mind.

Through videos compiled from the internet to daily practices shared by Iris, this is the go-to program for anyone with an eating disorder who is ready to put in the work and affect change on several levels.

I gleaned information that (I believed) went well-beyond my eating disorder. In truth, the new developments were well within my eating disorder as this program showed me that my ED had attached to far more areas in my life than I had realized.

I learned about body- and mind-held postures, dialogues, beliefs and more. Iris offers well-designed daily exercises and, with her personal follow-up, this program is individualized for everyone to progress as their time and comfort allows.

A sense of personal inquiry is all that is required. Iris unfolds the daily questions and activities and provides gentle, heartfelt reinforcement. Plus, there is a community of like-minded others so the journey is complete with group input and support.*

Martine R.

This course was just incredible! It has literally changed my life, more than I expected!! Thank you so much Iris, you really are an amazing woman whose wisdom and knowledge I will carry for the rest of my life.*

Anonymous Praise

“I realized my body is not something to be conquered. To be broken down into submission in order to prove that I have strength of will. It is something that I want to connect with in an intimate way. I want to nurture, encourage, and develop a relationship with my body that is based in trust and care."

“I now understand that making myself vulnerable is what makes me stronger. This ability to show who and what I really am is what makes not only others accept me but also makes myself accept me."

“Iris has changed my life dramatically and I’m so happy to have come across her. Just know you and your work are so appreciated and I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you so much for everything!"

“I applaud you for what you have put into your programs and your amazing integrity. Thank you for making this world a better place to live!”

*Please note that individual results may vary

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