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Private Coaching 

Right now my private practice and waitlist are full. If you are willing to consider a combination of group and private coaching, my Bloom program includes both private and group sessions. In my experience, group work can be an even more powerful and effective approach to healing, so I hope you will consider it. 

During sessions I draw from my rich training background in complex, relational and developmental trauma, neuroscience, and transformational coaching. My history with eating disorders and Complex PTSD also help me bring a great deal of personal experience and understanding to my practice.  I've been a dedicated student of psychology and personal development since I was 12 years old, and coaching since 2012.   



I have worked with several therapists and coaches, and none of them have ever been like Iris. She is very friendly and open, talking with her is like talking to one of your old friends. The one that you know no matter what they will tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. Iris has a very intuitive way of helping you deal with any past trauma or anxiety without having to relive it over and over.  If you are looking for something new because you’ve tried everything else, call Iris. If you want to learn to move on with your life, call Iris. If you want to live your life better, call Iris. – Jessica H.**

For years my eating disorder was treated clinically in a sterile environment. I knew how to answer, how I should be, etc. so I was able to hide. There was no hiding from Iris because she's been there, and can see the next escape. She is a safe heart space yet professional with clear boundaries. Her approach is unconventional. I valued her years of personal experience and testimony.  I’m no longer fearful or anxiety-stricken over grocery shopping. Iris is the best at delivering transparency and truth with love and compassion. She has a gentle tenacity. I didn't give up because she didn't give up on me. She drilled down alongside me. Go deep. Go deeper. There's gold in there. - Nicci A.**

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The 7 Pillars of my coaching Practice:

1. Consent - You are in the drivers seat, and we will not explore anything before you are ready. I may gently nudge you outside your comfort zone, but I will always respect your decision to proceed or pull back. 

2. Curiosity - In my experience, curiosity is the #1 most important ingredient in healing. Being curious about what's going on in your inner world (rather than judging or assuming) allows you to develop a deep understanding of who you are and compassion for yourself. 

3. Participation - Coaching is not something I can do to you. It is something we both must be fully engaged in, and I will encourage you to be an active participant in your own healing. While I am there to support you all the way, ultimately you must take the steps forward.

4. Present-focus - Everything that needs to be healed is accessible in the present moment.  While stories from your past will inevitably come up, it's how those stories are impacting you now that matters the most. We will be working with the past through the vehicle of the here-and-now to help you release old beliefs and patterns in your life.

5. Psychoeducation - When relevant, I will share psychological and/or neuroscientific information with you. This can help you gain a better understanding of why you are experiencing certain things, and help you feel less alone.  

6. Respect - Even your most destructive coping strategies were adopted for a good reason. While they may be outdated now, I still treat them with respect, because at one time they saved you from mental and/or physical pain.  Understanding why you developed these coping strategies and how they served you in the past can help you release them in the present.  

7. Transparency - I will always be transparent about my process, and honest with you.  If you want to know about my life, I am an open book. If you ask me for honest, direct feedback, I will provide it.    


Iris is the Calm Eye in my storm. As a person, she walks her talk ~ which brings integrity to her work and her ability to both support me and relate to what I'm experiencing as I navigate my own terrain and chase down my own breakthroughs. I can highly recommend Iris as someone who will "listen" for your brilliance, help you stay accountable to your own goals, help you regroup when you loose traction, and get back up and in the game of your precious life.

It was a gift to have Iris as my coach for 9 months and I grew exponentially during that time and had many victories in my personal and professional life. -

Nadine F.**


Iris, more than any other coach, therapist or even friend, finally helped me conceptualize how negative my self-talk was and get out of some of those negative patterns.  She did this by helping me find the other, more positive (and realistic) voice, first by embodying it herself. Iris is the most intuitive, empathetic person I've ever encountered.  In the past, when I've tried to share the way I'm feeling with a professional, I haven't trusted that they've understood my perspective.  With Iris, there is no doubt.  And it's not just because she has spent years working through many of the issues she focuses on with clients.  She listens, does extra research, asks the best questions, and checks in to make sure she's getting it.  And you know what?  She always does.  - Hannah K.**

**Please note that individual results may vary.

 Sessions are conducted through Zoom, and last 1 hour.

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