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Pure Curiosity: Megyn Blanchard on Grief, Loss and Spiritual Narcissism

In this episode of Pure Curiosity I speak with Megyn Blanchard, a self-love coach based in Houston, Texas. Megyn is one of the most real, raw, transparent and genuine people I know, and I have so much respect for the work that she does. In our hour-long conversation we cover topics including grief, loss, self-care, and spiritual inquiry in an age of spiritual narcissism. I believe anyone on the self-development path will appreciate Megyn’s perspective, and rigorous authenticity.

About Our Guest:

Megyn Blanchard is a truth teller, modern day spiritual mentor, and self-love coach on a mission to breakdown overly simplistic self-help and empowerment topics so they are implementable and accessible in our everyday lives. Join in the conversation through her website and social media postings, or come be a part of a non new age private Facebook tribe as she gives weekly sermons on relationships, self-love, and self-awareness.

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