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Pure Curiosity: Trauma Coach Nate Postlethwait on Religious Trauma & Healing the Inner Child

In this episode of Pure Curiosity I speak with trauma coach and survivor Nate Postlethwait about his experience with religious trauma, and his recovery from the abuses he experienced in childhood. After disclosing his experiences of sexual abuse, Nate was told he needed to repent and was pushed into conversion therapy, where he was forbidden to discuss important aspects of his trauma and identity for many years. Over time, Nate realized he needed a very different kind of support for his recovery, and eventually found his way to inner child work. This is a very candid and powerful conversation about the traumatic underbelly of religious fundamentalism, and finding healing on your own terms.

About Our Guest:

A few years ago Nate Postlethwait walked away from a highly successful career in real estate in order to give himself a reset and find more understanding in his life. He sold his home and everything with it and traveled throughout the world for several months. During his travels, he began publicly sharing his journey of healing from childhood trauma and the battles with his mental health. Quickly, a community began to form. Other survivors began sharing their stories in the comments section. That community has quickly grown to over 120k and continues to have thousands of new friends join weekly.

Nate has lead sold out webinars on inner child work and most recently, written a four week course on this work and offers multiple weekly q & a's that help share stories from within this survivor community. On the weekends, he posts the funniest memes sent in from those who follow along and does a segment on "My worst possible advice" where others write in what they want advice on. He describes himself as a loud introvert, but also incredibly tender hearted to those who are hurting and need help. His life mission is to help those who need trauma informed therapy find it in a way that is accessible and affordable. He is an avid traveler, but proudly calls Denver, CO home.

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