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Pure Curiosity: Aaron Frank & Michael Garrett on Artificial Intelligence & Psychedelics

In this episode of Pure Curiosity we discuss the future of humanity. In particular we talk about Artificial Intelligence as being a mirror that reflects back to us both the light and dark sides of who we are. AI is a powerful tool that simultaneously solves problems and creates new--and some might say bigger--challenges. We also discuss the role of spirituality and psychedelic medicine in this new future, and how they could play an unexpected and pivotal role in righting the ship.

About Our Guests:

Aaron Frank is a writer and speaker and one of the earliest hires at Singularity University. Aaron is focused on the intersection of emerging technologies and accelerating change and is fascinated by the impact that both will have on business, society, and culture.

As a writer, his articles have appeared online in Vice’s Motherboard, Wired UK and Forbes. As a speaker, Aaron has lectured for audiences and organizations including the CIA, The Department of Defense, The Coca-Cola Company, AAAS, Under Armour, Headquarters Air Force and more.

For links to Aaron’s social media, and articles visit:

Michael Garrett is the CEO of Reboot Float & Cryo Spas. His state-of-the-art spas are located in San Francisco and Oakland, and offer both float therapy and cryotherapy. These therapies have a wide range of mental and physical benefits. His spas have been featured on ESPN, and members of the Golden State Warriors like Steph Curry are regulars at his spa. Early this year Michael also founded Weightless Warrior, a non-profit organization that provides free floats for veterans with PTSD. In addition to being a business owner and philanthropist, Michael is a deeply curious truth-seeker, and expert on psychedelics.

Listen Here:

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