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Pure Curiosity: Shawn Alex Nemeth on Childhood Trauma & The Power of Forgiveness

In this episode of Pure Curiosity, Shawn Nemeth, a coach, speaker, and founder of the Chester Street Foundation, discusses his triumph over a traumatic and abusive childhood. We discuss the importance of taking responsibility for our recovery, the magic of forgiveness, and the healing power of sharing our stories. Shawn generously shares with us important scientific research as well as his heartfelt personal testimony.

About our Guest:

Shawn Alex Nemeth, a born visionary, has invented and reinvented himself many times over: accomplished singer, ordained pastor, worship leader, international traveling music group director, college instructor, fitness professional, life coach, workshop facilitator, keynote speaker, author, and founder of a charitable foundation.

In addition to being President and CEO of the Chester Street Foundation, he is author of the book Thorns of Chester Street, which chronicles his own personal story of abuse, neglect, recovery, and transformation. Proceeds from its sales benefit Chester Street Foundation.

Learn more about Chester Street Foundation here.

Purchase his book on Amazon.

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