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Pure Curiosity: Theologian James Onwuachi on Cancel Culture & What we Hold Sacred

In this episode of Pure Curiosity, I speak with James Onwuachi, a modern day philosopher, theologian and upper school dean. Earlier this year, he reached out and shared an article he had written in Newsweek about the cancelling of Dr. Seuss, and I immediately asked him to join me on the podcast. This is a conversation about what sacredness means beyond the confines of traditional religion, and the role it plays in Cancel Culture. I really appreciated the thoughtfulness and depth James brings to these topics. I left our conversation feeling touched and inspired, and I have a feeling you will too.

About Our Guest:

After getting his masters in divinity at Vanderbilt University (where he's currently pursuing a doctorate) James Onwuachi went into academia. He is the Upper School Dean at Kinkaid Preparatory School in Houston Texas, and is the former Associate Dean at Vanderbilt University, Oberlin College, Grinnell College, and University of California-Santa Cruz. James is also an op-ed columnist for Newsweek magazine, where he discusses culture, race and theology.

James' Newsweek Articles:

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