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Pure Curiosity: Dan Stover on Emotional Intelligence, Passion and Purpose

Intelligence comes in many forms, and until somewhat recently, emotional intelligence has been vastly underrated. In this episode of Pure Curiosity, Dan Stover and I discuss what it takes to increase emotional intelligence, tell the truth to ourselves and each other, and live a more purposeful life. He also shares fascinating stories from his time working with Suicide Prevention and Homeboy Industries.

About Our Guest:

Daniel Stover manages the west coast office for Integrated Leadership Systems from Los Angeles, California. He received his education from The Ohio State University where he studied Psychology, Criminology and Security & Intelligence. The core of his development and training was in cognitive-behavior psychology and mental health crisis intervention. Through this experience, he learned that his passion and purpose is to help others understand their emotions.

Dan has concentrated this passion on working with companies ranging in size from 30 to 1,000 employees in ten states in multiple industries. Some examples of his clients are: healthcare executives, physicians, construction and general contractors, technology entrepreneurs, partners in tax and consultative accounting, pharmaceutical manufacturing, robotics manufacturing, university administration and wellness providers.

Dan is a community advocate and has served on multiple non-profit boards in the areas of mental health and community development in both Columbus, OH and as a volunteer in Los Angeles, CA.

To see more credentials and contact information for Dan go to

You can also see his two TEDx Talks Below:

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